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How Do I Prevent Birds from Nesting in My Dryer Vent Exhaust this Spring?

It’s spring. The birds are chirping and it sounds so pretty…. As long as it’s not coming from inside your dryer vent! Birds can cause serious issues when it comes to dryer vents and exhaust fans. Unfortunately, they also tend to return to the same place year after year, so keep reading to find out how to keep them from setting up shop in your dryer vent!

Open dryer vents are a perfect environment for birds to nest in. They use the excess lint to pad their nests, and the warmth of the dryer makes it extra cozy for them. While they’re busy creating warm temperpedic nests for themselves, they’re also creating a dangerous fire hazard for you and your loved ones!

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Central NJBirds will typically create their nests at the opening of the line, but sometimes they can be lodged deeper. Blockages caused by these nests are common. Also, if the bird becomes deceased inside the line, it is very unhealthy. How can you be sure whether or not you have a nest? Take a look at the outside vent cover. If straw, twigs, leaves and lint are visible, this could be a sign. Your clothes may also take longer to dry, indicating a blockage. The final and most apparent sign may be hearing the bird chirping.

The line must be completely cleared, thoroughly cleaned, and sanitized after the blockage is removed. You should consider a cage placed externally on the outside of the vent to prevent birds and small animals from re-entering the line once the cleaning is complete. This should only be handled by a professional, as improper installation or blocking the ventilation can also be a dangerous fire hazard.

Looking for the Best Company for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Central NJ?

Call DRX Duct Cleaning to set up a dryer vent cleaning and to have a proper cage installed. Be wary of so-called “professionals” who may use improper equipment or not thoroughly clear your vent.

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Dampers, What Are they And What Should I Do With Them?

What Are Dampers And What Should I Do With Them?

Learn What Dampers Are and What To Do With Them.

A lot of air ducts systems contain dampers within the duct work. The purpose of the dampers is to control air flow, which in turn affects the temperature in the room. Rooms that either face the sun, or contain a lot of windows may need more AC in the summer, but less heat in the winter. A room with minimal to no sun exposure may need more heat, but less AC. This is where the dampers do their work.

Dampers are usually found where the main trunk line connects to the supply duct. (ductwork that supplies air to various areas of your home). You will see a lever that can be turned to adjust the position of the damper. You’ll want to turn this to a fully open position. If your dampers need to be adjusted seasonally, you may find it helpful to use a marker and mark the ductwork with what position the lever is in and mark its position optimal flow. It is also a good idea to write which area of your home this particular duct services.

Once the damper is open, go to the room it services (be sure the register or vent is fully open) and check the air flow. If you feel it is sufficient, leave the damper in this position. If it is a particularly sunny or warm space, you might want to adjust the damper. Repeat this process throughout your home until you have achieved your desired air flow.

Also, remember not to close off the dampers on your vent covers as they are the breathing point for your system. Restricting air to and from the furnace could put a heavy workload and increase pressure on your HVAC system!

If you need air duct cleaning in New Jersey, call DRX Duct today at (908) 755-2950 for a NADCA certified technician.