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Union County NJ – Vent and Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that the indoor air quality in Union County NJ is 75% more contaminated the outdoor air? Dust, pollen, and other microbes is a major contributor in allergies and sicknesses. These organisms are constantly recycling themselves in your home or work area. With our skilled professionals, DRX Duct Cleaning eliminate these contaminates. We provided premium Air Duct and Hood cleaning services. Located in Union County NJ, we currently offer the following services:

Every time you run your HVAC system, particles such as dust, pollens, & pet dander are pulled into the HVAC system. The EPA claims that the indoor air quality in Union County NJ has been found to be 35 times more polluted than outdoor air. Also consider that most people spend about 55% to 85% of their time indoors.

With our advanced Air Duct Cleaning equipment and the combination of our proven 10 step duct cleaning process, we have proven over and over in many commercial and residential intuitions that Air Duct Cleaning can make a difference when done by a professional NADCA Air Duct Cleaning Company. Call DRX today at 1.908.755.2950 for a free estimate.