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Duct Cleaning Scams

DRX Duct cleaning in North Plainfield is a NADCA Air Duct Cleaning company servicing the greater New Jersey area. If you search Google for Air Duct Cleaning Scams you will see how many duct cleaning scams are right under your nose. Don’t be fool by low priced ads! See our video on our home page or click here. Bait and Switch is Illegal. Make sure your duct work is cleaned by NADCA certified Air System Cleaning Specialist. Our mission is to educate the customer and the goal of the customer is make an educated decision. For more information, please call 908-755-2950

Our unique 10-step cleaning process applies negative air pressure source removal when cleaning the HVAC conveyance system. This cleaning procedure is the BEST effective source removal method currently available. Our certified technicians practice furnace and air duct cleaning in accordance with NADCA Guidelines and Code of Ethics.


  • DRX Duct Cleaning is a Certified ASCS member of the NADCA Certified by the NADCA
  • Dust and debris are drawn directly into our powerful vacuum using the Negative Air Process system, known as the Push and Pull Method.
  • High powered 200 PSI compressor air tools are used to dislodge and push dust and debris into vacuum. (This is known as the Push and Pull Method).
  • Return registers are removed and cleaned.
  • Blower Motor is cleaned.
  • Up front pricing with no hidden fees.
  • No high-pressure salesman or sales tactics.
  • We send out well-trained, experienced technicians to your home.
  • No subcontracting.
  • We are highly recommended by many HVAC companies and fire/water restoration professionals.
  • $1Million General Liability Policy


  • Under-powered vacuums that produce only 300 cfm that partially clean your system.
  • Use RotoBrush and Ninja Vacuums, which gets poor results.
  • 3 inch hose is inserted into your ductwork, partially cleaning your system.
  • Do not apply the Negative Air Process, known as the Push and Pull Method.
  • Will not show the how much dirt they have pulled.
  • Charge extra for all items.
  • Promote low price specials, and then apply the Bait and Switch.
  • Up selling is the name of their game.
  • Uses sealants & encapsulation in place of a thorough duct cleaning, temporarily gluing dust to the interior of the ductwork.