Mercer County NJ

Our goal is to educate Mercer County NJ about the value of indoor air quality and the effects air duct cleaning in Mercer County can make. Every time you turn on your HVAC system, airborne particles such as dust, pollens, pet dander and other bacteria are pulled into the duct system. Each day little by little dust mites, particles, and other air duct debris build up inside the ductwork, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, mold spores, and fungi.

DRX Duct Cleaning provides routine Residential Duct Cleaning | Commercial Duct Cleaning | Vent Cleaning | Dryer Vent Cleaning | Chimney Cleaning to all of Mercer County NJ residents. Our experience will assure that your HVAC system gets the proper treatment deserves. Our operations standards require our ASCS certified Mercer County NJ duct cleaning technicians practice air duct cleaning in accordance with NADCA Guidelines & Code of Ethics.

DRX Duct Cleaning is a fully credited company that is ASCS certified & members of the NADCA and the IAQA. Our goal simply to educate our air duct cleaning clients in Mercer County NJ about the indoor air quality and the benefits of air duct cleaning.

We have designed a proven 10 step duct cleaning process that allows our advanced Air Duct Cleaning equipment to tackle any job in the commercial and residential fields. Did you know that Air Duct Cleaning can reduce energy usage when performed by a professional NADCA Air Duct Cleaning Company? Call DRX today at 908.755.2950 to find out if Duct Cleaning NJ can benefit you.