How Can I Improve Efficiency on My AC?

There are multiple high efficiency air conditioners on the market today.

What is the best energy efficient air conditioner?

When you have an energy efficient air conditioner, you’ll save money on your energy bills. There are several models of energy efficient air conditioners on the market today for both central heating and wall units. What you choose however, will depend on the size of your residence and what best fits your needs.

Among the highest Energy Star-rated central air conditioning units is the AirEase Pro Series 20 LX. According to Energy Star these units provide consumers with the maximum control of home temperatures, energy use and air quality. Cooling can be adjusted very precisely with these units. These models will save consumers on average about 30% on their energy bills.

Other consumer guides rate wall units like the Friedrich CPO6G10B, the GE AHM06LW and Haeir ESAQ406T as some the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. The Friedrich is preferred for smaller rooms while the GE is ideal for larger spaces. The Haeir is rated highly for its quiet.

Air conditioner efficiency is always a factor when you are choosing a new system. Air conditioner efficiency helps cut down on energy bills. One way to help keep your air conditioner running efficiently is cleaning your vents. For expert vent cleaning in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ, give DRX DUCT LLC a call at (908) 755-2950.

Your home’s overall energy efficiency will also be affected by the condition of your windows. Window repair is an essential part of your home’s maintenance and maintaining energy efficiency.

What is the most energy efficient air conditioner?

As above, the most energy efficient air conditioner, according to Energy Star, is the AirEase Pro Series 20 LX series. Air conditioner efficiency is essential is vital for your home’s overall energy efficiency and keeping your home cool.

How can I improve my home cooling?

Improving your home cooling usually means maintaining air conditioner efficiency. Here are a few tips to keep your home cooling efficiently for little or no cost.

  • Clean outdoor condenser: Keeping the condenser clean and clear of debris helps it run more efficiently.
  • Vacuum indoor vents and keep from blocking them: Vacuuming dust and debris from vents maintains airflow. Furniture, blinds and toys should not block the vents for proper airflow.
  • Increase thermostat: Adjust the thermostat by turning it up 5 to 8 degrees in the summer. With automatic thermostat the temperatures can be adjusted for different times of the day or for times when you are out of the house.
  • Keep lamps and heat-producing appliances away from thermostat: Any heat-producing appliance, including lamps, can affect the thermostat. It will adjust to the heat.
  • Close curtains and blinds: Keeping curtains and blinds closed keeps outside heat from coming in during the hottest part of the day.
  • Flush the drain line: The drain, usually mounted above the furnace, can be flushed with a solution of one cup of chlorine bleach mixed with one gallon of water. This will also help keep the basement from taking on water if the drain line is blocked.
  • Reduce oven and dryer use: Use both appliances sparingly during the summer. Both increase the heat in your home.
  • Insulate ductwork: Any exposed ductwork that’s not insulated will leak air.

Why is my room so cold compared to the rest of the house?

Several factors could be affecting cooling throughout the house, causing one area like bedrooms to be cooler than the rest of the house. In some cases, your ductwork or the entire HVAC system is too small for the home. A larger system or a second system may need to be added.

If there are areas of exposed ductwork that’s not insulated, air may be leaking from those areas. Poor insulation throughout the home may also cause cold spots and affect your air conditioner efficiency. If you have a two-story home, heat will naturally rise to the upper story of the home. A room zoning system may alleviate the problem.

In most cases, the rooms closer to the thermostat will be cooler than those farther away. Other factors that may affect cooling include location and size of the windows in the home. Rooms with windows exposed to direct sunlight most of the day will be warmer.

Is it better to leave the AC on all day?

Air conditioner efficiency can be affected by leaving it on all day. It is actually a myth that leaving it on all day will save you money. Turning your air conditioner off while you’re gone all day may actually save you money. It takes no more energy to cool the house again when you get home than it does to leave it on all day. Additionally, leaving the system running all day puts more strain on it and shortens its lifespan.

Coming home to hot house, though, is not ideal either. You can save money with a programmable thermostat. The air temperature can be regulated for various times of the day. While you’re at work, the temperature can be increased and then returned to a normal level when arrive home or even before.

Air conditioner efficiency vs temperature?

The hotter it gets outside affects your air conditioner efficiency. The air conditioner works harder as it heats up. Regular maintenance will help keep your air conditioner working efficiently even during the hottest parts of the summer. Keeping the unit clean and clear of dust and debris, in particular, is an effective way to manage air conditioner efficiency.

High efficiency air conditioner vs. regular

Air conditioner efficiency can be affected by age. Older units may be less efficient, and cool less than newer high-efficiency units. A regular system that is 10 years or older may have a lower Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate (SEER) than newer models. If your AC is 10 years old or older it probably has a SEER rate of 6 to 8, half of what a high-efficiency model will have.  As the air conditioner ages, that rating can fall.

Best air conditioner efficiency

Air conditioner efficiency is usually determined by its SEER rating. Most modern systems have a SEER rating of 13 to 14. Some go as high as 25. The rating is determined by dividing the cooling output by the watt-hours consumed. Older units will have a SEER rating about 8 or 9. But no matter the rating, the best air conditioning efficiency will be achieved through operations. Leaving your AC running all day at a consistent temperature, for instance, is less efficient than programming it for varying temperatures during the day.

Regular maintenance will improve air conditioner efficiency.

Air conditioner efficiency improvement

One significant way to improve air conditioner efficiency is to keep it regularly maintained. This means keeping the system clean, as well as making sure all the parts are in good working order. When parts are repaired or replaced as they wear out, then the air conditioner will run more efficiently.

When your air conditioner efficiency in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ is a concern, you may need to clean vents and ductwork to improve it and keep it cooling at peak levels. For vent and duct cleaning in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ, rely on the experts at DRX DUCT LLC. To schedule services give us a call at (908) 755-2950.