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Top 3 reasons to get your dryer vent professionally cleaned

dryer vent professionally cleaned

Dryer lint is so dry and your dryer is very hot which is an unsafe situation that will create a fire in your house.

Wow, just about 5,500 homes have dryer fires that are reported each year and cause about 29 deaths, 400 injuries, and around $192 million in property loss. You don’t want to be a statistic when it comes to this potential deadly risk. Here are 3 top reasons to avoid a dryer fire and keep your home safe and clean without risk by having your dryer vent professionally cleaned.

Reason 1: Your Dryer Will Catch Fire 

This one is obvious, but it must be stressed on how important it is to know that if you don’t get your dryers cleaned, the chances of a dryer fire will heavily increase. Constant lint build up will create a flammable risk that is like throwing wood in a fire. Dryer lint is so dry and your dryer is very hot which is an unsafe situation that will create a fire in your house. Having a professional clean your dryer will efficiently and safely remove the congestion and discard all the flammable lint that is keeping your dryer at risk of a fire. 

Reason 2: Your Dryer Will Last Longer 

Are you sick and tired of having to buy a new dryer every few years? A main reason your dryer needs to be replaced is because it does not get cleaned each year and has to work harder to dry clothes. This causes stress on the machine which leads the system to fail and not work. Think of your dryer as a heart, if all its arteries get clogged up, it creates stress and has to work harder which leads to a heart attack. The same goes for your dryer, when the lint builds up it causes stress that acts just like a heart attack which results in a trip to dryer heaven. 

Reason 3: Clothes Take Longer To Dry 

Nobody likes to put on a wet or damp shirt. We’ll at least we hope that you don’t. When your dryer does not get cleaned on a yearly basis it takes forever to dry clothes. The air flow in the machine gets obstructed which leads to congestion that reduces the rate clothes are dried. Don’t go through the pains of having to dry your clothes twice and run up your electricity bill. Simply get a yearly cleaning to allow your dryer to function the way that it is supposed to without disruption to your clothes drying. 

Get the dryer vent professionally cleaned you need with the piece of mind that you deserve with DRX Ducts. Call (908) 755-2950 or visit our website to learn more about how DRX specializes in professional HVAC air duct cleaning, vent cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and more. 

Can My Insulated Ductwork Be Cleaned?

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the number of duct cleaning companies out there. It is very important that company you choose is NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association) certified. This will insure that you are receiving a thorough cleaning that is done both safely and properly with the right equipment, and to the highest standards.

Insulated ductwork Cleaning in NJThere are occasions where we come across ductwork that is internally insulated. While fiber board and duct board materials are designed to hold up to a cleaning, only an experienced duct cleaner should be trusted to carry this out. Because they are comprised of fiberglass, small particles become airborne during the cleaning process. Equipment with 12,000 to 16,000 CFM’s of power must be used to ensure the particles are removed.

Extra care must be taken to be sure that the insulation is not damaged during the cleaning. Proper equipment must be used to dislodge any debris adhered to the surface. Once dislodged, the debris also become airborne and must be removed using the proper vacuuming equipment. DRX has state of the art equipment and individually NADCA certified techs with ample experience in this type of duct cleaning.

It is also recommended to have insulated duct work sanitized, as it is known to harbor bacteria. DRX has antibacterial and antimicrobial sanitizers, as well as disinfectant available depending on your specific needs. Mention this article and receive free sanitizer! DRX Duct Cleaning is open for scheduling 7 days a week, and we’re in the field performing duct cleaning services 6 days a week. We’re experienced where it counts, and we’re there when you need us. Call today for your free estimate right over the phone and get started on the road to healthier indoor air quality!

Choose DRX Duct Cleaning for Insulated Duct work Cleaning in NJ

DRX Duct Cleaning has been in business for over 10 years proudly serving the greater NJ area. Our staff has combined over 75 years of experience in the air duct cleaning and HVAC industry. Additionally, not only are we NADCA members, but we guarantee an NADCA certified technician on site at every job, every time, no exceptions! For more information or to schedule an appointment with the most exclusive air duct cleaners in NJ, contact us at (908) 755-2950 today.

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Dampers, What Are they And What Should I Do With Them?

What Are Dampers And What Should I Do With Them?

Learn What Dampers Are and What To Do With Them.

A lot of air ducts systems contain dampers within the duct work. The purpose of the dampers is to control air flow, which in turn affects the temperature in the room. Rooms that either face the sun, or contain a lot of windows may need more AC in the summer, but less heat in the winter. A room with minimal to no sun exposure may need more heat, but less AC. This is where the dampers do their work.

Dampers are usually found where the main trunk line connects to the supply duct. (ductwork that supplies air to various areas of your home). You will see a lever that can be turned to adjust the position of the damper. You’ll want to turn this to a fully open position. If your dampers need to be adjusted seasonally, you may find it helpful to use a marker and mark the ductwork with what position the lever is in and mark its position optimal flow. It is also a good idea to write which area of your home this particular duct services.

Once the damper is open, go to the room it services (be sure the register or vent is fully open) and check the air flow. If you feel it is sufficient, leave the damper in this position. If it is a particularly sunny or warm space, you might want to adjust the damper. Repeat this process throughout your home until you have achieved your desired air flow.

Also, remember not to close off the dampers on your vent covers as they are the breathing point for your system. Restricting air to and from the furnace could put a heavy workload and increase pressure on your HVAC system!

If you need air duct cleaning in New Jersey, call DRX Duct today at (908) 755-2950 for a NADCA certified technician.