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Are you looking for Union County duct cleaning services? HVAC ducts, the metal conduits that blow air through your house, are notorious for hiding dust, dirt, and other allergens. Ductwork is hidden and, because central air conditioning systems draw air in from outside to cool off and circulate through the house, contaminants can easily find their way indoors. Air duct cleaning isn’t something you should attempt on your own. It’s an intricate process that requires extensive knowledge of HVAC systems as well as specialized tools. For this reason, you should go with professional Union County duct cleaning services from a company who has been certified by NADCA,. A NADCA certification means that your job will be done correctly and according to the most up-to-date methods and processes.

When to Get Union County Duct Cleaning Services:

Union County Duct Cleaning ServicesYour home was just built or has undergone a major renovation:

Construction is messy. Even when contractors are diligent about cleaning up and closing off work areas to keep the rest of the house tidy, dust and debris will always find its way in. And unless the HVAC system is not turned on and kept completely covered during the entire construction process (which isn’t realistic for most homeowners), that dirt and dust will make its way into your ductwork. Construction dust can contain some pretty nasty particulate matter that you don’t want to breathe, so don’t wait until you experience respiratory problems to call in the pros.

Mold has been found in your furnace or air conditioning system:

Your HVAC system needs to be cleaned and serviced periodically—in fact, most manufacturers and HVAC service professionals recommend scheduling two service visits per year. Because both air conditioners and furnaces can develop condensation, mold growth is a possibility, especially if you live in a humid climate.

If your service technician tells you that your HVAC system has mold growing in it, first ask to see evidence. Your next step should be to contact a mold expert. Your HVAC technician may not have the training and credentials to properly identify mold (or pinpoint whether the mold is harmful), so look for an indoor air quality expert. Mold found on your furnace, air conditioner, or air handler unit isn’t a guarantee that your ductwork has been affected, but it certainly increases the chances. A NADCA-certified air duct cleaning technician will thoroughly clean your home’s HVAC system and ductwork to remove the mold and prevent its return.

Your home is always very dusty:

Dusting isn’t the most entertaining task, but it’s something we all have to do from time to time. If, however, you notice that every flat surface in your house is coated in a layer of dust almost immediately after you’ve put away your cleaning supplies, you probably need to have your ducts cleaned. Take a look at both the supply and return vents around your house. Are they visibly dirty and dusty? Carefully remove a vent cover and look into the ductwork. Is the metal covered in dust? If your answer is yes to both questions, call a professional for Union County duct cleaning services

Heating and/or cooling costs climbing:

Your heating and cooling costs should be relatively predictable from year to year. If you receive a bill that is noticeably high, however, or if you look at your records and note that your utility bills are much higher now compared to the same time a year ago, your home’s ductwork might be (partially, at least) to blame.

In extreme cases, ductwork can become so dirty that air isn’t able to flow freely and efficiently through your home’s HVAC system. When this happens, your furnace and air conditioner are forced to work harder (use more energy, in other words) to maintain the temperature you’ve set at the thermostat. This extra energy expenditure translates to higher utility bills for you.

Beyond removing airflow-obstructing dirt and debris, your air duct cleaning technician will also keep an eye out for leaking ducts. Ductwork is usually installed in a home in sections, and these sections are sealed to prevent air leakage. Over years of use, however, these seals can deteriorate, which reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system. The bottom line is that when your ductwork isn’t sealed properly, you’re paying for heated and cooled air that you don’t get to enjoy.

Looking for the Best Union County Duct Cleaning Services?

DRX Duct Cleaning in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ is a certified & licensed company by the NADCA and IAQA. Hiring an ASCS certified air duct cleaning New Jersey contractor is the #1 thing you should consider before calling any company! Our North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ air duct cleaning business provides residential, commercial, & industrial air duct cleaning services. We also offer exhaust ventilation cleaning and mold remediation for HVAC systems too! Service area include towns in the Union County, NJ area such as Scotch Plains, Westfield Hillsborough, North Plainfield, Green Brook, Watchung, Bridgewater, Warren, Montgomery, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Branchburg, Somerville, Somerset, and many more throughout New Jersey. For more information on our air duct cleaning or other services, call us today at 908-755-2950 or visit our website.

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